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The funny car build-up was two years in the making.  What most people don't realize is that I took delivery of a partial Vega body minus the nose.

I bought the body from Army Armstrong in Pennsylvania, and it was delivered to me via Fed Ex.  It is an original ' 74 Vega body, although I don't know the original builder.  I was told that the body has history; it may have been run in Puerto Rico but I don't know much beyond that.

The body originally had a 119" wheel base, to which we added 6" to make it 125". Then we added 6 - 7" in front of the fender well to extend over the fuel tank and fire bottles. The sides of the body were extended by 2 1/2" in the front and 6" in the rear. I do not know how many hours we put in the car, but there were many hours put into sanding and block sanding the body.  The gentleman standing by the primered body is legendary painter Wild Bill Carter. 

Body: 1974 Slantnose Vega

Chassis: Bruce Nilson

Engine: JP III Crow

Blower: Littlefield 6-71

Heads: Stage V

Camshaft: Engle 

Crank: Velasco

Pistons: Venolia

Rods: Venolia

Clutch: East-West Engineering

Trans: Lenco two-speed

Paint by Wild Bill Carter, who painted many of the Pisano Funny Cars over the years. On this, the latest in a long line of celebrated race cars, Carter used his original notes and color-chips from the original Pisano & Matsubara Funny Car to reproduce the paint scheme and colors nearly identical. Lettering by Waldo; Striping by Bill Marygold.

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